Ok ive decided i wanna save up after ive sold some stuff and try get my hands on a really decent guitar. i dont care if i get it used, min price range will be about £250 and max £400. thats a big range (i think and i need ideas fast i play maideny stuff to slipknot to whatever, metallica. i do a lot of improv and soloing so i'd need a decent action guitar for that range. also i want it to look pretty decent. but i dont care TOO much about that.
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How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

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How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

In that price range, these are the best two guitars I can think of:

Great Metal guitar with a decent trem and a thru-neck that offers loads of sustain and unmatched access to the upper frets at this price point. OK, I'm biased as I have one but I love it!

I just think this one is a really good buy. You don't get 24 frets or a thru-neck but you do get a beautifully comfortable guitar to play, more tonal options from the H-S-H configuration and a really excellent trem system.

If I HAD to choose something that wasn't Ibanez, it would be this beauty from Jackson:

Gibson Les Paul Studio with Catswhiskers pickups
PRS SE 'Floyd' Custom 24 with Creamery pickups
Fender Standard Stratocaster with DiMarzio pickups
Takamine GN30
BluGuitar AMP1
Why don't you try to analyze what you like in a guitar first and narrow it down a little?

- Scale length preference (25-1/2, 25 or 24-3/4)?
- FIngerboard wood preference (bare woods -Ebony, Rosewood or Maple)?
- Fingerboard Radius or neck profile (small radius like Fender (7-1/2 to 9) Mid (10) or larger 12 -14)
- Bolt on vs Set neck (or even thru neck!)
- Pickup type (HB, SC or P90) & Configuration.
- Active PUs or passive.
- Bridge style (Tremolo or hardtail)
- Body Style?
There's so much to choose from that it might help at least eliminate a few if you can answer some the questions above. DOn't just buy because something looks good, it might now feel right to you in the end!
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