Ok i'm recording my guitar to my PC through USB with the Digitech RP150 and Digitech Death Metal for distortion...trouble is it sounds absolutely terrible and probably worse then just standard line in connection what am i doing wrong? thanks
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Man, I fought and fought with recording guitar to my PC. Everything sounded like the problems you are having, until I bought the Digitech RP350 with it's USB connectivity. I plugged it in, it loaded the drives automatically (Vista) and voila it was ready. I used Acid to record to. I had to go into the settings to change the audio to the ASIO device instead of the Microsoft Audio Mapper, but after that it was done. Clear as crystal. I use the effects from the Digitech and record directly into a newly created track. Sounds awesome.

I'm not sure if the USB interface on the RP150 is similar. I have a Digitech RP200 and it didn't have a USB interface at all, so I'm wondering what sort of USB interface the RP150 would have sense it's a less expensive pedal with fewer features.
Cool man i downloaded Acid trial and changed to ASIO but now i cant here my playback what do i do i am such a noob sorry