For a Friend

Well you’ve hit a rough patch
As all of us will do
And now it seems to you
That your not up to scratch
But to all of us youve touched
That is very far from true
You say you’ve hit rock bottom
Well i’ll help you to pull you up
Like you’ve always done for me
I’ll help you fill your cup
Till its full rather than empty

The best part of me
Wants to be the worst part of you
You say you need me
And i need you too
And I’ll do more than I can
For a friend like you

Verse 2
You look around and say theres no one
That the cave is deep and darkest now
And you dont know how to get out
With no light ahead you say your done
But to you i give this vow
There will be a light ahead
You just gotta search a little longer
And know that its dark before the dawn
And after each and every storm
All Must be calm


Your down on your knees
And beginning to freeze
from cold shoulders
But dont let the light go out
Dont let the dark in
Keep the light on
Your worth more than any thing