Verse 1
A new born baby cries
As she comes into the world
Her mother smiles as tears fill her eyes
As the doctor announces it a girl
She holds her closer and kisser gently
Tells the baby I love you and smiles
Now knowing what shes done,
Shes brought more love into the world
Ahe looks into her eyes knowing its her new life
And then she looks up and says

Life is a miracle
Life is a blessing
Life is a choice
Life is love
Life is love

Verse 2
The new father paces nervously
On the delivery room floor
As his new baby boy
Is brought into this world
He holds him for the first time
As tears of pride and love form in his eye
He makes a promise to love him
No matter what he becomes
He’ll always be his biggest fan
He’ll teach him how to be a man
Now its clear to him that

Verse 3
A new brother is nervous
As the door finally swings open
His parents come in holding his new brother
At first he is confused and scared
About what this may mean
But then he realizes what he must do
Show him the ways of the world he knows
However simple it may be
He looks up at the sky and thanks God for his new brother
He has a jumpstart on the others
Understanding early that..

repeat ch fade out