Love is real; its what you feel
With joy and hope and optimism
Love heals all wounds
Forgives all sins
Makes real all wins
And cures the losses
Love breaks all rules
And then writes new ones
Breaks down the walls
Of hate and pain and war
Love leaves you wanting more
Like a drug you just cant quit
Then you get booked
For a lifelong trip

Its what we need; to stop the war
Its the one thing we need more


Love is power with no cower
Fill your life with love
There will be no pain
Thats unbearable as it used to seem
Love will make it all okay
Love can break your heart
And rebuild it better
Love will change your life
And change the world if wed only let it in
Instead of all this hate
In this world we’re living
Theres no doubt that love fits best


I’m taking love as my religion
I’m taking love as my gov’t
Im taking love now and forever
I know with love this world will be better
Than what we have now; It cant make it worse
So now you write the next chapter
Of this worlds book; will it still be
Filled with hate and misery
Or will you make your story love
Love is a call to peaceful arms
Oves a need loves a must
Loves a must; Loves a must

Ch Fade out loves a must
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