“Gimme Some Time”

Well it seems things arent mutual
Not really anyway
And its sweet that your concerned
But really it’ll all b ok
Its just another day gone by
Where things just didnt go my way
And though it stings today
Andit may for a li’l while
Just give it somtime
These wounds will heal just the same

Just gimme some time
And i’ll be okay
Eventually I know
Things will go my way

Well it seems you have things to sort out
Or at least so you say
And I know you really do
So go find your way
And I know when you do it still wontbe
That you still wont say what i want to hear
And thats just fine with me
Things will just stay as they are
And everything will be okay


So now I have to wake
And accept my fate
That and you and me just wont be
As much as I want it that way
So please dont worry
It all will be right in time
Like all the times before
This wound will heal
Just give it sometime