Just wondering if i should buy certain string brand/gauge for my Floyd Rose tremolo or will any brand/gauge do?
Any brand should work but if you change gauge (or even brand) from what is on it at the moment, the trem system will need to be adjusted. When I switched from 9-46 to 10-46 I had to have the guitar reset to cater for the extra tension and when I moved from Ernie Ball 10-46 to Elixir 10-46, I had to have it reset again as the coating on the Elixir strings altered the tension. Personally, I use Elixir strings because they last forever in comparison to other strings I've tried and it saves all the hassle of restringing a locking trem.
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also inportant to note that any shift in bridge position or change of string gauge requires re-checking the intonation.
Moving on.....
I use D'Addario EXL120 Strings. They've always worked great for my Ibanez RG570 model guitars with Floyd Rose.