I've played an epi les paul studio for the last couple of years, I love the tone, the playability and virtually everything about it. But I feel the need for an addition to my arsenal. And I have such decided to go for a semi-hollow type based on the lovely warm sound that bellows from the things. Although I would perform a relatively small bodied instrument as I play in a band, a lively ska band at that so I don't want anything too heavy when i'm jumping about. I play essentially Ska, Blues, Jazz and a little bit of harder Rock with crunchy distortion.
The only guitar i've so far found fitting my descriptors has been an epiphone dot, any suggestions will be appreciated.


ps: My upper price limit is about £400
strat of some sort, MIM is $400, strat deluxe is like $650 new, not sure of the USD conversion of that, or one of the roadhouse or lone star strats for $600 new. strats are probably going to be able to hit all of those genres the best, considering that jazz and blues have similar darker tones, and ska is a lot brighter. neck pup for jazz and blues, bridge pup for ska and rock, and the middle pup for something inbetween.
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