Obviously I'm not a new member, and I apologise for not knowing how to do this, but yesterday I saw someone post a list to a link of how many people had posted in a certain thread, and I was just wondering how you do that. I did a search but couldn't find out.

If this is explained somewhere or in the wrong place I'll delete it

Thanks, but thats not what I meant, it was how many posts people had made in a certain thread, for example someone had made like 120 then someone had made 111 then 102 then so on and so forth
You mean like this?

And you can just say it was the Hot Chicks Thread.

oh, sorry, I didnt read your first post properly..

if you wanted to have the list for this thread, for example, then go to the new members q&a forum, where all the threads are listed. the columns are something like, thread name, replies, views, and last post

click on the number in the 'replies' column, and there you go