ok so at the top of my neck the stings are 3mm above the neck but at like the end its like 8 mm and i have afloating bridge should i use a lower guage string than 11
No, the gauge is fine.
Fret on the first and last fret of the neck and see how big the distance is between the fret wire and the strings around the 8th/9th fret. If you can stick a credid card through, you have to much neck bow and need to adjust the truss rod.
If not, you need to lower the strings (there is a Floyd Rose setup-guide on these forums).

EDIT: Here it is, it contains all the information you will ever need:

About the truss rod: It is important to adjust it taking small steps. It's being adjusted using a hex wrench. Only turn it a little (1/4 of a turn) and let it rest for half an hour at least before adjusting some more, if necessary.
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but its not afloyed rose though and tyea i can gfet 2 in there lol and how much would a truss rod adjustment be
Depends on the time it'd take. Could be anything from 10$ to 50$, or even more, depending on the guy who does it. Music stores offer that services - it's best to ask for prices before giving them your guitar. You'll also want them to do a complete setup for you, because string height and intonation will most likely have to be adjusted, too.
You can do it yourself, but if you're inexperienced, it's better to let a pro do it.
if you have to ask what needs to be done, take it to a tech.
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