I'm pretty much sold on getting a Schecter C-1 Plus, I found one used for $350 so I'm gonna snag that over the weekend. The only problem with it is the pickups, there alright but not great. I was thinking of putting a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge, but I'm stumped on the neck. Maybe a PAF or '59?

I play mostly Sabbath, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Maiden, and more recently Mastodon. I have a Crate V18 tube amp.

Would the Super Distortion cover Sabbath and Zeppelin alright, and could it handle SOME higher gain stuff? And what should I throw in the neck, I'm looking for something with more treble, smoother and bluesier. I can spend about $150 on both pickups.

Oh, and split coil would be awesome but isn't totally necessary. Can any pickup be made split coil?
what the hells NWBHM?
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what the hells NWBHM?

New wave of British heavy Metal

Sorry, but i don't know too much about pickups ts
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what the hells NWBHM?

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Wow I thought NWBHM was a pretty standard term, especially on a guitar forum. Anyone know anything about pickups?
The pups you mentioned are good for what you want to play. The bigger tonal problem is the amp. I'd rather not upgrade the pups now, but save up some money and get a better amp. That would give you far better results.
But if you are dead set on new pups, the Duncan '59 and Dimarzio PAF Pro are good choices. I'd prefer the Duncan because it has lower output, which is more typical for a blues pup. It's not trebly though, but vintage-voiced humbuckers hardly ever are.
The Super Distortion should work fine for what you're doing as well.
Ok thanks for the help, I can't afford a new amp yet but I'm planning to get a nicer one in the future, something really nice like a High-end Marshall or an ENGL, maybe something boutique. But for now I'm satisfied with the Crate. As for the pickups a Super Distortion and '59 seem right for the sound I'm going for.