Hey guys -

I'm thinking about buying an Epiphone Les Paul, and I saw in the description it has a Mahogany neck. I'm used to my Ibanez RG370 Wizard-II neck, which is maple. Is there a major difference in speed, or feel to the different woods?
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maple maple maple
because of the looks, nothing beats a white neck.

Most maples I've played are larger than mahogonies.
I'm just more concerned about the feel. Is it fast like an Ibanez Wizard, or slower like a Strat?
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My first lolstack!
Wizard is a thinner neck with a modern shallow 'D' profile and the Epi should be older rounder 'C' style. If you need a skinny neck to go fast, then the Epi will slow you down some. Gibson style necks aren't for everyone (I love them) more people seem to go with the modern neck profile.
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i made the transition from an ibanez neck (my first guitar was ibanez) my michael kelly has a mahogany neck w/ ebony fretboard, they feel completely different, but i enjoy the mahogany 100 times more. it just feels better in my hands, and a lot more smoother feeling.
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