Hi all,
i recently decided to purchase a new amp since the only one i've had the entire time i've been playing has been a tiny 10 watt. since i just joined a band, i'm going to need something bigger. the band's style is post-hardcore, similar to chiodos or underoath's newer material. i play a fender standard telecaster, which i know isn't really the best guitar for this style, but i can't afford a new guitar right now. so, which amp should i get that'd be good for playing a few gigs? they also play some pop music too, so i need good overdrive and good clean too. thanks
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VOX AD series. the 30 and 50 can both be used as heads if you want to get a cab later to put it on. Every tone you could possibly ever want. Check it out on their website or on musiciansfriend or somethin
Any tube driven fender amp. Tele + fender = win
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Any tube driven fender amp. Tele + fender = win

Read post before commenting. I don't think my Blues Junior call pull off post-hardcore.
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