Ok, so I just found out that this thing called California Metal fest is going on up on March 28 in Anaheim. Nothing special really, except the headliner is none other than legendary metal band Carcass (**** yeah).

Here is the full band list:

Pretty good if I do say so myself, more than half of those bands I like alot.

Its on March 28, a Saturday, not much trouble there, right WRONG!!! well for me anyway.

So here is my problem, my mom and dad are, lets say paranoid, and they hate metal. Their hatred for metal aside (they still let me and my bro listen to it anyway). I live down in San Diego, and Anaheim is like a 2 hour drive from my house. Both my mom and dad are extremely skeptic about letting me go up there by myself. Plus, one I am up there in the show is over, then I either have to drive home at night at like midnight or check into a hotel, both of which are completely different matters entirely, and I am not sure I can spare the money for a hotel. While them driving my up there is not completely out of the question its not likely they will. Ticket price is irrelevant because I can afford it.

So my question to you put, is how can I convince my mom and dad to let me go to this show. Any kind of suggestion would work, and I would kill to see Carcass.

If you can't help but stopped to check out this thread, at least you know about it now, its going to be an awesome show, I can feel it.

So yeah, I am expecting all usual pit memes, but I really could use some help here.

Thanks pit.
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Cool. I'm planning on seeing them the day before in Phoenix with Suffocation. I'm fucking excited man.

EDIT: Whoops forgot to read the whole post.

I say you go with a friend that your parents trust. That way they have one less thing to worry about, and you could possibly split the cost of a hotel room between the two of you. Just a suggestion.
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