Hey all, I used to have a Randall RX120DHS (it's a solid stack half stack). For Christmas I upgraded to an all-tube Bugera 6262 amp but I'm sending it back due to reliability issues. So now I have $550 to spend on a new amp. I mainly play thrash/death metal so I need a good high gain head. I was considering getting the Peavey ValveKing but I'm not sure. I'm willing to buy used but I haven't seen anything on ebay. Any suggestions or comments on the ValveKing? Thanks all! Btw I have a Vader 4x12 cabinet, so I just need a head, not a whole half stack.
Valveking =/= high gain.

B-52 head, or maybe a Peavey Windsor with a good OD?

EDIT- Or the standard used 5150/6505/6505+.
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