The bass cabinet looks like the Behringer 8x10.
I'm guessing the head is the Benringer 450, but does it light up like that?

ive never seen a behringer light up red like that but it has that dial on the left so im assuming it has modded knobs or something
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the only brand i know that uses lit knobs is crate. Fail

Bass tones are hard to find.
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its an ashdown.

the vu meter gives it away.

its just catching red stage lights. they're on the ceiling too. probably the mag600
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Definitely an Ashdown MAG.
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Behringer also do amp heads that have the VU meter on them, pretty much a copy of an ashdown MAG, so could be either really
looks like an ashdown, btw ashdowns arent the only amps with VU meters on
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its behringer not an ashdown the knobs are all in one straight line on that and it has the little black strip that's on the bottom of behringers and the vu meter is to far to the one side and its got a little light below the knobs theres 4 on behringers and it looks like one is on on that particular one its not an ashdown its a behringer 450
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It does look like an Ashdown, with the VU meter, but could you provide us with a clearer zoomed in pic?

Oh, and the only time I've seen a behringer light up is when it's on fire
Terrible terrible head.

I had to use one for rehearsal once, pile of wank.

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm pretty sure its the Behringer BX4500H.
With the VU Meter and the little red bulbs under each toggles.

It's from a local band www.myspace.com/shotgunsaintsandthemanonfire

It doesn't sound half bad though.

I've heard a lot of mixed review on Behringer