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Apocalypse Now
16 24%
Pineapple Express
48 71%
Voters: 68.
So seeing as there is a snowstorm and there is aboslutley nothing going on to night party wise, what movie should I watch? (Im free becuase I finished exams today so I have the rest of the week off). Ive narrowed my choices down to two.

Apocalypse Now


Pineapple Express

(poll up soon)
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You really need to post on the internet to make an easy decision? Obviously pineapple express
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Apocolypse Now.

Pineapple Express is funny on good days.
Pineapple Express. That movie is so ****ing hilarious, I can't even believe it.

I saw it when I was blasted and I literally laughed this long:

Pulp Fiction
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pinapple express
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I would go rent Fight Club or Boondock Saints.

Pinapple Express is just retard. "Uh...were stoned. This is the entire movie". And I am a stoner, so its not like I didn't get it.
Apocalypse Now, well worth the 3 hours.
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Apocalypse now is a fantastic movie, but Pineapple Express is good laugh.

Depends what you are in the mood for really.
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Pulp Fiction


Love that film
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Smoke a bowl or two and watch the obvious choice.
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why is this even a debate? apocalypse now is one of the greatest films of all time and pinapple express is only remotely decent when stoned off your tits
apocalypse now is one of the best movies ever made. pineapple express isnt even one of the best seth rogan movies ever made.
I have no opinion on this matter.