Whenever I lower my bridge and tune my strings to standard, the chords sounds whacked out. When I leave it raised, my chords are normal. What's going on?
What do you mean?
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it's lowering the strings? isn't that what a floyd rose does?
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Ok... Here's what happened. My action is high so I want to lower it so I am lowering my bridge. The thing is, when I lower my bridge all the chords I play do not sound like chords (Note that I tune it to standard tuning after lowering the bridge)
Ummm I do believe that changing your action can make your tuning go off a few cents, that or its too low so the strings are being muted.
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i have the same bridge and you need to let the string tension work itself out and just keep tuning it every time it goes out and after a while the strings will stay intune becuz what happens is when you mess with the bride or chane the strings the springs in the back panel pull the bridge down butwhen you put the new string on the bridge want to stay down but is pulled up at first but there is more tensoin from the springs so it is pulled out of tune.
Yeah, when you change the action you're sending all the strings out of tune so you need to retune them.
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