The vox time machine has been released!! at least for preorder that is...i cant really tell.

but yea, sweetwater has it here. unfortunately, it is also $200 which is way more than i was hoping to pay, so it wont be my next purchase, but it's still cool!
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Huh, badass.... I really want to test it out. I rather liked the Satchurator... I can only imagine the delay would be good too

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It'll be out in March
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I had been looking at the new ac4 on sweetwater, and since they're both about the same price, made by vox, and available in march, I had a bit of a mix up.

This pedal should be interesting though.
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Yeah, I just saw that. I'm about to preorder. I've been looking at a smaller(and quieter) amp for college, and now I'm set.


thats a delay pedal buddy...
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thats a delay pedal buddy...

Yeah...I hope he didn't just spend $200 on a delay pedal that he thought was an amp...
is it digital?
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