Well I broke my arm and couldn't play guitar, so i decided to try and see if i could write a song. I think it's far from done, but i thought I'd post it and see what you guys think. It's funny that i didn't actually realize what it was about until i reread it a week later...

There you sit with your nose pressed into the window
Watch your breath grow and then sink till you seen to forget
The hum from the engine strong and steady and soothing
Me, I am buzzing, sputtering, tripping on you.

And when your eyes open I want to know what you see
Starring back from the reflection that's staring at me.

Lay your head on fabric, woven from daydreams.
They surround you and bound you until they are pulling you in.
And the scalpel's incision that promised you freedom,
Takes the ground from the wall that crumbles and pins you beneath

And the wind from the trees scream "Why don't I save you?"
The angle on my shoulder says that's not the right thing to do.

Well I know that if I keep running I will get somewhere
But it's turning to night and you're the only light that I see.