Okay, so about a year ago, my uncle gave me a kramer he got back in the day. It used to be white, but he didn't like it, so he made the cut outs larger and had his guitar teacher paint it black. Now I get the guitar and it needs some painting. I'm gonna paint the guitar black and put the outline of an eagle in the center which will be purple. I took a trip to Home Depot and picked up some stuff called Peel Away that was recommended to me. It works wonders. I put it on around 10, and at 2, the paint peeled right off.

Well...the black did at least. There's still a layer of white. I'm not sure if it's the primer or if it's the white that was one the guitar before my uncle's guitar teacher painted it black.
So I put another coat of Peel Away on it, and 4 hours later when I went to scrape the paint off, nothing happened. So I don't know if I should try it again and leave it on longer this time or if I should just continue. The white might be the primer or the original paint so it could also be better to leave it.

Should I try again or would it be okay to just paint over the white since the black will cover it anyway?

I also would like to know where to get the best kind of paint and what it's called. I wanna get a metallic type of black that's sparkly because my uncle has it for his guitar and it's damn sexy. Then I'm shooting for a darker purple but that doesn't really matter. I just wanna know if I can get my hands on a black like and if it would work for a guitar.

I'm pretty sure that's it for now.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated
If my memory serves me correct, theres different types of paint peeling stuff. I dont know the names, but only certain types of peeler work on certain paints. Plus, theres probably laquer. I dont think paint peeler would work on that stuff.

Dont quote me on that though.

As for a paint job, you sparked an idea in my head that one day I might use for myself; Do an undercoat of dark purple, and black crackly paint on top, so you get the purple showing through the cracks. That would be uber sexy.

Again, dont quote me on any of that. Most of the guys here have more knowledge about gear in thier hair then I do in my brain.
Do you have an air compressor?
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No air compressor, and Ghost of Sparta thanks for the idea, it sounds made cool but I really wanna have an eagle type thing in the middle but I might try that if the eagle doesn't work out. I just wanna know if I can just paint over whatever white layer is on the guitar now