I have been looking at buying a strat for a while but have trouble finding a used one for around $350.

I found what looks like a nice modified squire strat locally.


If you guys could take a look at the ad and let me know what you think.

I'm looking at playing mostly classic rock, maybe some punk and other random stuff too, but mostly rock.

Will this guitar be suitable?
for a modified strat like this, 260 is a pretty good price. My band plays a lot of classic rock and i use my Ibanez artcore 95 hollowbody. I also have a squire strat, but it's pretty cheap, it's a very beginner guitar and not modified at all. So it sounds like crap. But heres a link to the guitar i have:

In my opinion, this guitar would be more suitable for classic rock, though its a little pricey. But depending on how the modifications affected the sound, the strat should be good, especially for punk