Hey there,

at the moment i have a blues deluxe reissue and a deluxe players strat, and i can't decide between getting an orange tiny terror head or the eric johnson sig strat.

what would be the better buy?
orange tiny terror
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Normally I'd say the TT, but you already have a good amp so unless you don't like it or need an amp with that extra crunch, go for the EJ Strat.
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its not that i dont like the amp, i was just wondering what would be better in this situation.

the deluxe players strat is by far not a bad guitar, either.
Tiny Terror. A player's Strat has about as many bells and whistles you could want so Eric Johnson Signature won't be a huge upgrade, aside from maybe build quality (depending on whether your strat is MIM/MIA and whether EJ Strat is Custom Shop or not). Give yourself a whole new sonic profile with the TT. Very different from a Blues Deluxe in sound.
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the deluxe players is the MIM $700 version.

i heard the ej strat is purely amazing. best production line strat, ever.
i was thinking about buying the TT and possibly getting some lace sensors for the strat.

also, i have a feeling the v-neck is extremely comfy. i should go try one.
I'd take a Rebel over the Tiny Terror.

The Rebel has more features, and IMO just sounds better overall. A lot less muddy than the Tiny Terror. Clips in sig.