I'm looking for a Jackson JE10 humbucker. The JE10 is the stock pickup found in the JS series of Jackson guitars. Believe it or not I really liked the tone of this pickup and would like to find another one since I sold the guitar it was in.

Let me know what you have, how much you want, where you live, etc. I'm in the USA (Virginia). Pictures preferred.
i have a blue js1 body (im pretty sure its a js1) with pickups in it i would sell
I'm really only interested in a bridge pickup (I forgot to mention that in my post), and really have no use for the entire body.
This is an old thread I started a long time ago but I'm still interested in one of these (or any other stock Jackson pickups for that matter).

I never heard back from the other guy who posted...

I've got a brand new Duncan Designed HB-103 (Duncan Distortion) pickup that I'd be willing to do some kind of trade with as well if anyone is interested. I pulled the HB-103 out of a Jackson DX10D the day I got the guitar.
hay man jamesRUPP here sorry you never heard back i sent you a few messages but never heard anything back before i left for basic training back home now saw this i still have the pickups if your interested
Really just the bridge, but if you don't want to seperate them I'll take them both.

Are they in decent shape? They're not corroded or anything are they? I remember you sent me a pic back when I first posted, but I can't remember what they looked like.
they play fine im not at my house now if i was i would send you a pic, i just never use the guitar a project piece i lost intrest in, i will sell both pickups for $25 shipped