For a while now i have been wanting a guitar with emg's in them. Ive always kinda wanted them but back in october i got a duncan jb-jazz set for my main guitar. I am wondering if i should put emg's in my squire strat(even though its a $150 strat the neck feels great and the body is nice) i am wondering to get humbucker emg's since the strat is HH not ssh or sss. Unless there is some way to make it into a SSS i might reconsider getting some single coil ones. any tips or opinions will be nice.
What amp are you using?

I'm not sure how EMGs would sound in a strat, you would probably be better off with something else.
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Ask in the Valveking Thread there is a discussion going on about that right now. I personally would not put actives in a strat but that is just me. JB is bright for a strat is that in the neck position? What speakers do you have. What kind of music do you play? How much money you got?