Hi, i'm getting a new amp setup soon, possibly this weekend. I have around $500- $600 dollars to spend. My band plays hardcore and some metalcore stuff. I was wondering what everyone thought of what i was looking at, and maybe hope that someone has some suggestions for maybe some other stuff.

What I'm looking at :



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i've never used them myself, but i know a lot of other people have been less than impressed with the backline stuff. at that same price, you could get an ashdown MAG300 4x10, which is a solid setup with the same amount of power. of course this isn't your only option, hartke is another good place to look.

if you're not needing it immediately for a gig, i might consider saving up more money too.
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Well, i have a set up now, its just horrible. SO i don't neccesarilly need it now, but it'd be nice. DO you know if guitar center would have the ashdown? Because that's the place i have to buy from.
My Gear:
Squire Vintage Jazz Bass
Hartke 2500 Head
Hartke VX410 Cab
Boss Chromatic Tuner
try the gallien krueger goldline cab instead but keep the head. it does fine for a starter at that price.
Alright,. thanks for the replies guys. More would be very appreciated, i need to make this decision soon.


Thanks everyone!
My Gear:
Squire Vintage Jazz Bass
Hartke 2500 Head
Hartke VX410 Cab
Boss Chromatic Tuner
I've got the ashdown mag 300 myself. It's the C210T 300, but I still love it. They make very solid amps. Beautiful.
I've played on the Backline 600 through a similar GK Cab, they're pretty good. I would say the head is a solid upgrade, and being able to pair the 4x10 with the 1x15 you have now should make for a pretty damned solid and well rounded sound.

Addendum: The only thing I would say would be a possible drawback would be that the cab isn't ported, which means the air inside stays there, instead of like what happens with ported amps, where it goes out and can help round out your sound. Its a minor thing though.
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I have the backline 600, its a pretty decent 300w amp, the -10db is useful for practice, the tuning button is good for not annoying a crowd, ... i went ahead and decided to use a dbx graphic eq though ... just cause. Also, the distortion channel on that amp can be like "lol look at mah mud for tone" is you turn it up more than about 5 ... but that might just be a universal kinda thing.

Anyway, if you do get that amp and you plan to play shows ... please ... please either replace the internal fan with a 180mm fan (one you'd use for a computer would be fine) or put a box fan near it, baby tends to overheat after 45 minutes.
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Yes, guitar center will have the Ashdown, and if it's not in stock they can order one. Musician's Friend is the same company as Guitar Center, so if someone posts a link to something on MF, you can bet that GC can get it.
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look into hartke
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Honestly? I agree with the Ashdown comment--I own a Backline combo and I'm become less than enthused by it as time goes on. The tone is meh and for the wattage, its not exactly booming.
I think i'm going to go with the ashdown.
My Gear:
Squire Vintage Jazz Bass
Hartke 2500 Head
Hartke VX410 Cab
Boss Chromatic Tuner