I've recently noticed that when I look down the neck of my guitar the bass side of the neck (EAD) around the first few frets looks slightly twisted inward (twisted towards me when in playing postion). Is there anything I can do to correct this?

I switched from .09 - .46 to .10 - .52 gauge strings and loosened the truss rod and lowered the bridge a few days ago, though it was like that beforehand.
Yeah, I'd think maybe the bass side needs more tension then the treble side to pull it back into shape, but I don't have experience to know.
That sounds bad. Usually moving from .009 to .010 doesn't require tweaking the truss rod. It could be the wood itself that's borked. I don't think re-positioning the springs or even replacing the springs with the heftiest (springs are available from wimpy to medium to hard) ones will fix that twist. Go to your local guitar store and have it checked out by a pro. Or buy the "hardest" springs, $1 a piece or buy a replacement neck if it's a bolt-on.

Good Luck.

^ Thanks, it's actually not too bad, it just prevents me from having perfect action without buzz, it may have been like this the whole time I've owned it without me noticing. It's a string thru type deal for the bridge btw.