Does singing quietly=bad singing loudly=good?

Do most singers sing loud if you took their mics out?

I think I sound better if I sing a bit quieter.
Yes, you need to sing pretty loud to have any power in your voice.
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Depends on the type of song really. You don't wanna yell if your doing a soft acoustic piece. And you don't wanna sing quietly if your doing a high energy rocking song.
I sound better quieter...in a breathy voice,as far as being pleasing to the ears...every once in awhile,if I'm singing cleanly,to give off a sense of power and range,I'll sing loudly,or rather strongly,which usually means amplification...but yeah...Quiet is good for the people who can't sing very well...strong voices can sing loudly...I think

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Depends on the type of song really. You don't wanna yell if your doing a soft acoustic piece. And you don't wanna sing quietly if your doing a high energy rocking song.

Glen Hansard did it.
I think Nick Drake would sound awful loud.
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I need to sing loud to sing high.

I have a very low voice, like "indoor" voice I crack out at a B.
Loud belting out voice I can squeak out a D.
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I sing really loudly. It's the only way I can get the tone I want, and the only way I can get my favorable range. When I sing Hey Johnny Park by the Foo Fighters, I'm almost shouting at some parts. If you are singing that loud, it is ESSENTIAL that your warm up your voice beforehand.
Usually. It makes you sound a lot more confident, and if I sing to quietly my voice gets too nasally and breathy.
If I sing quietly I can't really hit notes or hold notes well at all. I don't know why or anything. It's really annoying.

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when you sing louder, you're more metal. when you're more metal, you're cooler, and therefore it doesn't matter whether or not you're any good.
I can belt out a high a# above the tenor high a# in chest voice. So I'm good. Indoor voice means I can tenor, no bass.
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Just for fun watch American Idol The ones who try to sing loud are usually told its over the top. It does not take a brain surgeon to tell when someone is singing loudly or softly
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Glen Hansard did it.

Sully Erna from Godsmack also has some pretty soft acoustic songs matched with heavy lyrics. I really like the acoustic Keep Away song.