Once my plan with Sprint runs out in May my parents are switching to verizon. I've enjoyed 8$ a month unlimited texting for the last two years and I've been told than once I switch to verizon I will no longer be able to text. A couple of my friends have said if you just get a basic verizon plan you can text anyone else with verizon for free. My parents just don't want to pay a whole bunch extra for texting.

Any truth to the unlimited verizon to verizon thing?

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it depends on the plan. there are plans that include unlimited texting. but if you pay for it separately it gets expensive. texting is free if it is to other verizon customers.

i think it is $5 for 250 texts, $10 for 500, $15 for 1500, and $20 for 2500. or something along those lines anyway.

but i don't know how much it works out to if you just have it included in your plan.
its my understanding that all calls and texts between verizon users are free