Hello, I'm currently on vacation in Toronto, and started a thread about where to buy an amp earlier. Well, I have a more pressing problem that all the amps I want weight more than 20kg, and I would have to get them on the passenger part of the plane and I don't know if I can do that. Does anyone know a good amp which weighs less than more conventional amps? I looked at the Randall RG50TC and Bugera 6262. I would like as much quality as I can get for like, 500-600 bucks.

Do you travel with your gear regularly?

You can rent an amp at Long & McQuade at very reasonable rates, monthly, if it's just about being able to play on vacation.

When you get home, you can look at buying an amp that suits your purpose without having to trade quality for weight.
Thanks for the post

Let me explain myself better.. I'm from Israel, gear is really pricey here (jaw dropping high) and since I'm on vacation here in Toronto I'd like to get an amp to take home with me. trading quality for weight is my best option unfortunately.
Why the eff would you need your amp with you on the plane???
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Well you could get a high quality case for it and check it for the ride home and hope that it doesn't get jostled around too much. Also look into buying an amp you want, and then shipping it via airmail to yourself.
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Shipping for a valveking would be 900$ :\

And they really abuse the luggage.. I don't want to take the risk. Plus I think it's even over the upper limit of luggage weight.
take the tubes out if it has tubes, and get a hard case for it and it should be fine