hey, i was just curious, how often do you guys practice?
and what does your typical practice session consist of?
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i play everyday that i can...in my 3.5 years of bass i think ive made like 3 weeks without playing total. i havent made any longer than a week without playing at a time :P. but i play anywhere from 15 minutes to hours on end. i usually doodle around with songs...i need to pick up on some exercises to work on or scales too
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i just pick up my guitar and play.
no schedule its not a job, ill prob just do riffs or try and come up with difficult excersises to expand my tapping/sweeps/legato/etc. this way if i like it ive improved and i can use it in a song.
ive been playing for 1 and a half years, and ive probably not played guitar around 3-4 days at the longest.

when i first started out, i would practice chords mainly, chords and chord progressions help a bunch with jamming. then with the chords, i would practice fingerpicking them, seeing how i could make the chords sound differently. i think chords were very important to me. then i would doodle with songs, but i would always switch up.

iunno if its just me, but practicing one type of thing for hours on is too much
My practice depends on my mood.
I play at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.
But that's forced since I play bass in jazz band at school.

At home I practice anywhere from 15 minutes to staying til 4AM playing.

When I regiment myself on practice it's 2 hrs a day min, with something along the lines of

15 mins warmup
30 minutes exercises
30 minutes sightreading (just download a song on GP5 and put the bass part on mute)
30 minutes song practice.
15 minutes fiddly diddly.
one hour technique
30 min chords
30 min scale/melody excersized

one hour on improv technique
30 min charlie parker transcriptions/etudes
30 min working on 'bebop scales' (a book that shows where to place passing tones and contains patterns to learn in every key based on a bunch of chords)

two hours on songs
one hour- song im learning that week
one hour- college audition songs-take the a train and darn that dream

half an hour on ear training- solfege excersizes, sight singing, interval training, dictation practice (sometimes)
some time on sightreading (reading down a chart, getting it up to speed with a metronome)

any other time i have spent on rock songs, school jazz band stuff, noodling, whatever.
I haven't touched a guitar is nearly half a year, and my piano practice take place only every few days. The vast majority of my music related time is spent either studying theory, or composing, neither of which I do on the instrument. When I need to actually play the instrument for some reason, it usually only takes one or two days to achieve my usual level of technique.
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I ussually play like three hours a day
I learn songs, and play scales, or I just improvise
but i'm never satisfied with myself (I think that's a good thing)
About one hour a day of actual practice. I usually do scales with a metronome. I spend alot more time on the piano and singing.
My practice time is all crazy. I sometimes have a set time to do regular practice. I rarely warm up at all. My entire day could be just

clapping rhythms from a book
reading a sheet of music to play or analyze
practicing my chords at a slow tempo (cause the fingering to go from one to another is a b*tch)
technique training (though rarely since I got off GSS)
or sometimes a combination of some of them

Practice time is usually 1 - 9 hours, depending on how dedicated I am and any obligations and responsibilities during the day.
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