Ok, so I have a flexwave amp from crate. It's the FW65 model with the built in effects. I have an inherited effects pedal from my cousin and I'm not sure who makes it or anything...I will look this up but for whatever reason I can't get it to work with the flexwave. I don't know if it's how I'm hooking it up, or if it's just some kind of malfunction with the pedal to the amp or what. I used to use it with my small 10 watt amp with no problem what so ever. I'm hooking it up the same way I always did with the small amp...maybe that's the problem. If anyone has any input I'd be super happy. thanks.
Does the battery maybe need replaced in the pedal? Simple question but it does happen. Or maybe your using a power supply? If its the latter its just as simple as guitar>pedal>amp input. Pedals will eat batteries if you leave them plugged in. So make sure you unplug all cables when not in use.
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