I just got my epiphone dot back from getting the jack replaced. and [this may be the first time i noticed it] but the bridge is higher [a good centimeter?]on the low E and goes smaller on the little E? Is it supposed to be like that? Can i just screw it down?
it should be adjusted to factory settings on the height at the 12th fret, if your neck is ideally in position this is normal then yes. you can check the height at the 12th fret using feelure gauges(however spelt) and check the owners manual for what the string height should be, if its correct then yes thats how it was intended to be, i know my g-400 drops down a little bit for the high e
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you can adjust it to however you want. there is most likely a height that it recommends, but you can lower it if you feel liek it, or make it higher. probably a good idea to make it fairly even on all strings though.