I have this cheap flying v I got off ebay and I recently painted it. I want to rewire it myself because it's just something I want to learn to do. I wrote down which wires connect where but I still gte no sound. I'm just wondering, does anyone know where I can get a rhodes style schematic? It has 2 double humbuckers with a volume and tone pot if that helps.

Greatly Appreciated.
Well theres a black wire coming off the bridge and a grey wire coming of the neck. They both have little white wires at the ends which attach to the selector, and also on the end is this grey foil type of wire twisted together but not attached anywhere.
Great thanks. I really appreciate this man. The thing is though, I didn't rip the wires out or anything after I painted/drew on it. So I'm thinking it has something to do with those bare wires because I never touched anything else. I'm just not sure where they get soldered onto.