I figured now would be a good time to ask about power supplies too. Is the Boss AC adapter combined with that multi-pedal powering cable effective? I've heard people have had problems powering 4+ pedals with it.

Thanks for any insight about this stuff!
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Bump, come on, anybody? I'm sure somebody uses these...
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i used to use one of those. it is effective, but only fits into boss pedals or pedals with the same size hole(very few i find). no mxr or crybaby or whatever... just get the one spot ac adapter and diasy chain and your straight. =) (one spot fits into everything)
Yep you can, just make sure its the same amount of volts (most average sized pedals are 9 volt, bigger ones are usually 18v, but it says on the pedal)
And on the adapter it'll say an amount of milliamps (mA) usually a couple hundred, and each pedal uses a certain amount of mA and once you've reached the adapters limit, then you can't power any more.