So for English I need to find 2-3 songs that connect to Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Any suggestions?

and no, Lord of the Flies by Iron Maiden will not work (I already tried it and my teacher said no)

A Strange Converstion by The Fall of Troy

that fits pretty well

so does "nostalgic mannerisms" (also fall of troy)

and maybe "enter the black demon" (fall of troy tambien)
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So songs about how civilizations falls without proper authority...

I have no clue.

Bedit: Wait, I have a few.

Iron Maiden - Only the Good Die Young. you could use that at the part where Simon is killed at the end.

You could also have The Evil That Men Do by Iron Maiden. That would go better than Only the Good Die Young.

Now that i think of it, any Iron Maiden song will do.
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Frogs, by Alice in Chains. Because frogs frequently eat flies.

I was just watching that on "Unplugged" before... though i'd say the song is a bit too creepy sounding for an English assignment! Still awesome though.
I Cum Blood

i figured i'd just get that over with so no one else suggests it
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Live like Animals, by Savage Garden.

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'Sympathy for the Devil' by the Rolling stones. It can relate to the inner evil in everyone; the primal instincts that the boys on the island possess whether they know it or not. (hehe except Simon (was that his name?))
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Symphony of destruction, i've never read the book but by reading the posts i kind of figured it would work. but i don't know

edit- sorry forgot to say, the song is by megadeth, if you didn't know
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i read that book for school, too. we had a timed write on it. consider yourself lucky...
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im gonna take a guess and say that I Cum Blood won't work but he is letting me use hammer smashed face
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im gonna take a guess and say that I Cum Blood won't work but he is letting me use hammer smashed face

Are you presenting it to the class? Make sure to headbang (starting at the bass solo, then to the end of the song)
Run through the jungle
by creedence clear water revival

that may be a great one....

burning years
by story of the year
it could symbolize the fall of their "attempt at rules"
"nothing can fly... with this broken wing"

lost boys
by the 69 eyes

the storm by trivium...

the search party never came
by vanna
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You could be totally lame and choose Welcome to the Jungle.
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