Need to sell these pedals, but MAY consider a trade. Here's what I've got:

-Digitech Hardwire TL-2 Metal Distortion - In all original packaging, like new, velcro on bottom. $70 shipped OBO

-Boss EH-2 Enhancer - Hard to find, in original box with price tag on it. Picked it up at a local shop, found in the bottom of a box. Works great, really cool pedal. $65 shipped

-ElectroHarmonix Dr. Q - Big box, not the nano. Works perfectly, looks like new. Little bit of velcro left-over residue on the bottom. $40 shipped

-Dunlop Crybaby Classic - Bottom is not attached, missing the screws to hold it on. Power source only. Makes a crackly sound sometimes when using it, but it works like it should or than that. O.K. Condition. $35 shipped

-Boss DS-1 - Looks and works like new. $30 shipped

-Digitech Bad Monkey - Looks and works like new. $30 shipped

-Danelectro Fab Tone Distortion/Overdrive - Looks and works great. $25 shipped

$250 shipped takes it all. I have 100% positive eBay feedback if checking that is necessary. Buy more than one pedal and I will cut you a deal. PM me or email me at prestonbumpus@hotmail.com for pictures or details.
im kinda interested in the bad monkey .... so let me think on it