I stumbled upon this guitar the other day, its a Fender Strat made in Japan. The serial number dates it to 1985. It's an HSS strat with what seems to be a Floyd Rose bridge, the top has a clamp locking mechanism rather than the screw type. It says Stratocaster on the headstock, so its not a squire. Also, there seems to be a toggle switch in the place of one tone knob. Any idea on what this may be?

Here is a picture of the body

Here is a picture of the headstock

Can anyone comment on this guitar? What type of bridge is it? What is the toggle switch? Would it be worth buying? What's a reasonable price? etc.

Thanks in advance!
What exactly is the model number? for example, 27-5700. The switch your talking about though might be a coil splitter. Still, if you can, post the model number
It's an 80's HM strat, I believe. It's got a Kahler bridge, not a floyd. They're really nice guitars, well made with a great sound, only they're edgy, so a lot of people have forgotten about them and avoided them when they came out.
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ok. well, the regular switch that comes on all strats is to switch between pick-ups, and the other switch you're asking about is the coil splitter, which allows you to switch between sing and double coil on the bridge pick-up. Check this out:


It says it comes with a system III bridge, whatever, that means. It seems that not a lot of people know about these guitars anymore. But I would say it's worth trying haha
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oh, yeah, that's right, the contemporaries had the pickguards, the HM's didn't. My bad.
Fact: Bears eat beats. Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.