I am and up and coming gigging musician, and need a lot of gear before me and my band can practice efficiently. I currently have the DS-1, and after a lot of fiddling with it, I manged to make it sound actually pretty good, with not as much muddy distortion and it really brings out the tone and crunch-punch (my music sound) that I need. I am just aiming for higher quality here. Those of you who own the OD-3, can you tell me if it has that clear, crisp crunchy distortion when matched with a Les Paul? It is in th budget, I still however need a much bigger amp so as to not be drowned out by our drummer, so money is definitely an issue. The point is, should I get this pedal to help improve my set up or just focus on getting an amp? Also, for gigging, what is the cheapest yet half-decent amp you can think of?

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Better amp always comes before effects, but since it depends on your budget, idk. I would rather save for the amp than pay the 90 bucks for the pedal

Post your budget, so UG can give suggestions on amps
Well, I have about 300 bucks to spare at this point, and don't knwo what I should do. I will continue saving my spare change for a new amp, I won't really need it until we start gigging and recording sometime this summer. Until then our drummer will be using chopsticks... I just need to know if it is atleast worth that 90 bucks. And if it isn't what amp can I get in that 300 dollar range to gig with? I know it's a stretch, especially with all the prices in musci sky rocketing even more (my Les Paul was 400 dollars when I started saving for it, when I was done saving for it, it was 650 dollars)
well maybe save about $50 more and get the Palomino v50 from musicians friends.
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