Recently I have come to love fingerpicking in all forms! I like playing stuff like Simon and Garfunkel, but at this very moment all I have been playing for weeks are the same few classical songs. I own an electric and acoustic guitar, and I am thinking about getting a nylon classical guitar, but as I'm still a beginner in classical, are there some good low price models? I have looked at musician's friend and come up with these:


I just sorted by the highest rating and read some reviews. Does anyone know much about these guitars?

I also need some help moving along in my classical foray. All I really play at the moment are Romance and Etude in E minor, both pretty simple songs, but I can play them well. I can also do the first part of Bourre. I listen to a lot of Segovia now, but I have trouble finding songs for my skill level (classical music is hard ). Can anyone suggest good songs to follow up from the ones I've listed?

I am really interested in classical guitar, its just hard to get into compared to popular music of our time!

P.S. I do know music theory, but moreso for piano than guitar. I can't read staff music and play guitar (though I can with piano). I will, mostly likely, have to learn :P
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I'd recommend the first one. I prefer the tone of Cedar than spruce for classical guitar. not familiar with hte last one.

EDIT: Get some books of studies, Sor, Giuliani, Carcassi, Carulli, to get you started.
I'd recommand the first one too as it is a yamaha and that is a good name and I own one. The third though could also be very good. LISTEN CAREFULLY THE SECOND ONE IS A FLAMENCO GUITAR. That is a completly different beast (well maybe not that different but enough). If your only focus is classical guitar stay well away from it. Even if you were slightly into flamenco music you would be probably better to go for a classical guitar. However if you are really into flamenco music than it would probably be the only one worth considering. As for how hard classical music is, well all styles are hard from an initial point, it is probably considerably harder though than say indie rock or something like that. But compared to "higher styles" like jazz, metal etc. it is probably about the same. Also easier classical peices like Hall of the Mountain King played a single note melody line are not considered by the general community as "real classical peices" genereally while strumming along to a green day song is considered "real rock". I suggest that playing single note melody lines on classical guitar well is about the same difficulty as most moderatly complex open chord songs in pop & rock. However most of the hype around classical guitar being complicated or hard to learn is just crap made up by classical guitarists who want to see like big guys.
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