pretty good dude, nice improv too

your tone was a little one-dimensional, but i guess this song is one of the few excpetions where a straight clean tone works. Perhaps a tiny bit of reverb would sound nice ? i dunno ...

edit: perhaps its just the camera angle, but lift your head up a little when you're playing.

nice cover though.
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Perhaps a tiny bit of reverb would sound nice ?

yea, other than that it was nice
Hey. I'm not too familiar with the original, but your cover sounded pretty good. I won't say your tone was bad, but it was a little bright. I would probably cut some of the highs or raise the bass up a bit, and turn the tone on the guitar down a little bit too.

It wasn't too bad until you got to the distorted part, and then the tone was just too shrill.

Playing sounded pretty good though
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Hey man, this was a great cover of one of my all time favorite hendrix songs! I enjoyed your rhythem playing and it really flowed like hendrix. The tone during you solo was indeed just a but shrill as someone previously posted but your solo still sounded good! i know that you did not post a C4C but I was wondering if you, as a fellow Hendrix fan, could crit my cover of Bold as Love for me which is posted here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1157123 If you could I would greatly apprecciate that