Im picking up a set of Sperzel 3x3 gold plated locking tuners..and i;m not exactly sure what size to get, or if there is a universal size. Guitar is gibson les paul custom
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Fender American Tele

Orange Rockerverb 50
Orange PPC412

I think that all need a bit of drilling to get them in...you have to drill the back of the headstock with a tiny drill so the sort of support rod can go in...Its usually only fractions so just take it easy.

The locking tuners are defently worth it...A fender strat that i did some mods to and replaced the tuners with these...I can use the whammy bar (which is an old thing) and its stays in tune very well!!!!

Good luck!
There are several shaft sizes for tuners. But they can always be made to fit. But guaranteed the holes for little pin will be different than where the little screw is on your other tuners. So you will need new holes for that. If it has grovers there are locking grover tuners available.