I am thinking of painting my epiphone dot. the only part i want to paint is the back of it, nothing on the front or sides, with my bands logo and such like. i was wondering if its a good idea to paint it without removing the strings or pick ups, given that its only the back, or should i remove them?

thanks guys.
if you're painting the back, pick-ups would not be a problem, but most guitars have a cover over the electronics and/or tremolo system, if yours has this then just be weary of it because painting over the cover could be disastorous. Also, what kind of paint do u plan to use?
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if your just going to paint the back it'll be ok but it'll be wise to protect the front as much as you can and the neck as well from any overspray
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im not sure what paint i would use, so suggestions of that would be helpful. also, there's no bit on the back that opens to work electronics so thats not a problem. and also, i have to do the whole sanding back and everything first right?

thanks for replies so far guys.
Okay first yes you should remove all hardware and covers from the front and back that can get covered with paint then tape off the parts you don't want covered with paint. Second this is in the wrong Forum head over to GB&C there is a Painting thread there.
Edit: Heres the link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=542726
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Just a suggestion, if it's your band's logo why not make a sticker instead?
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Quote by astralasukal
Just a suggestion, if it's your band's logo why not make a sticker instead?
Indeed, a sticker or some kind of decal would be far easier, and will last longer than if you try painting over the existing finish. Of course you could take the current finish off then do your painting and re-finish it, but that would require you to also refinish at least the sides (and probably the top too).
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