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Digitech RP500
6 33%
Line 6 POD XT Live
12 67%
Voters: 18.
So I have been looking to upgrade my cheap little Digitech RP90, not that it sucks its a great pedal but I need more selection of effects/amps and also so I can have more variety and better sound. I did some research on a couple multi-fx pedals and I narrowed it down to the Digitech RP500 and Line 6 POD XT Live. I'm kind of on the Line 6 side but which one should I get?

Oh btw the RP500 is now $299 on Guitar Center while the POD XT Live is $399. Unless I buy used.. My budget is probably only $400.

My guitar is a Ibanez RG4EXFM1 with a set of DiMarzio Evolutions.
I don't really use a amp, I just plug my RP90 straight into my computer or if I use my amp its a cheap little Spider III 15 watt(badbadbadbadsuckcrap choice). Oh and I mostly play stuff from Satriani to Metallica to ACDC etcetc.
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Ihave a pod xt, its great and i pretty much use it for the same applications.. direct recording.. silent practice.
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I love my RP500. I picked it up new from Amazon.com for $240. It has some amazing presets, which include AC/DC, BLS, etc. But of course, like any mfx pedal, it also has a ton I'll never use. It's tremendously simple and easy to tweak. I like to use it in pedalboard mode, scroll thru the presets, and add fx on or off (dist, chorus, reverb, delay, etc.) as my mood suits me.

And the 500 is built like a tank with really big bright led readout for the different settings. That works nicely for either dimly lit venues or old dudes like me with failing eyesight.

I was never that impressed with the pods when I test drove them prior to getting the RP. I just couldn't get what I wanted right out of the box as easily as the RP. I tried an XT, just not the live version.

Incidentally, I own both Digitech and Line 6 products.
Ever considering going singles? Sell your amp if you don't use it. It may help increase your budget. Otherwise, get the POD.

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Is there any bad things about the pod?

The XT isn't the newest model?

It's a pretty good unit. My neighbor uses one for his band here in town (he uses a VHT Sig:X for the main one), and it sounds good, although I can tell it's not the real amp.

I found the high gain models to be eh, but that happens... they're still pretty good. The effects are quite good, although when I played through it, I found many of them to be useless for my needs.

No experience with the Digitech
Ill probably get the pod then, unless someone can tell me all the pros and cons of the rp500.
Alright pod XT live it is then thanks for the little info ill try to get it at the weekend sale today