Hey guys, just gone back to school and started grade 10. I took up music this year as that is one of my main interests in this point of time. Our teacher wants us to play a small piece to show what level we are all at. At the moment I'd say I'm probably a beginner-to-just-intermediate player and have been playing bass for 7 months. My question to you guys is, what song is a good beginner song that shows a basic understanding of the instrument but also shows some skill and is just interesting? Thanks to everyone that helps out.
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Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades - Brand New?

I gave that a listen and that's quite a cool bass line! Any more input from you guys?
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Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades - Brand New?

You sir get ONE HUNDRED internet fresh-baked cookies for referencing one of my favorite bands and an amazing song.

I would suggest just picking a song by one of your favorite bands where the bass stands out quite a bit and learn the tabs to it (if they're fairly well known they'll probably be some on this site). If your going to be playing along with a song you might want to be sure it's something many people could listen too, not heavy stuff thats not everyones' taste. If you're playing just for around a minute just as a demonstration, the aforementioned "Glory Fades" is pretty good.
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Santeria by Sublime is a fun one. Californication of course. Know your enemy - RATM is pretty fun also, maybe even Bombtrack?

is it a solo or do you get to play a track in the background?
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Little Girls - Oingo Boingo!
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Badge by Cream. Its a pretty simple bassline, but it stands out and sounds awesome. Or Crossroads by Cream. Basically anything by Cream