Billy Powell, keyboardist for Lynyrd Skynyd, died today at 52. As a Skynyrd fan, this hurt for me. Hell, I honestly began crying when listening to his piano in Tuesday's Gone.

R.I.P. Billy, at least now you can see Ronnie, Steve, Leon, and Allen again.

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Already been a thread on this, but I will say Tuesday's Gone is an absolutely amazing song and such a joy to play. I've been listening to nothing but Skynyrd since I heard the news, right now I am listening to a Skynyrd cover by Zakk Wylde called I Never Dreamed.

R.I.P. Billy, music has just lost a true legend and amazing talent.
No He was incredible, especially his live improvs. The only beef I have with him is when he bullshitted on some of the plane crash stories (I think he did anyway).

Goodbye, incredible musician.

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**** now I'm sad, Skynyrd was one of the bands that influenced me to play guitar and to play many other instruments.

R.I.P. Billy. I'll miss you!
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It's such a shame. One of the greatest bands of all time, and almost the entire original band is dead already.
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