hi, i picked up this strat style from a antiques shop yesterday,
in the shop it played like a dream, (still does)
apparently, the pickups are upgraded, as are the machine heads.
the pickups, all i was told are from ibanez, the pole peices look huge,
but on closer inspection, the pickguard has had to be opened up more for the pups to fit.
this is the vintage style bridge, am i correct? the colour is gross, but it is set up really well,
and through my valveking, sounds pretty damn good, it used to be an Encore.
it dosent feel like one.

this is my first fender style, hae you any tips on keeping it Fab?
If it sounds good keep it, but definitely get that thing set up. Also, what's wrong with the finish? Champagne sparkle is pretty.

If it's anything like a genuine Fender though, you can cut a 412 in half with it and it'll be in tune. Pete Townshend actually did this once. XP

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im not sure it needs a setup Necro, sure it needs the ole lemon oil when my new strings go on. i need a new vinatge style bridge aswell, it dosent bother me now , but the trem hole was broke, so the trem dosent fit, but i wont use tht anyway
can anyone identify the pups by just lookin?