I know it's a longshot posting this in the Pit, here's the situation. My band is considering going on tour at some point...not to terribly soon, but eventually. We'll need a vehicle to do it in. The idea is to get a short bus, preferably a larger model on a light truck/van platform, like so:

We're going to gut the thing and put bunks, a table, cabinets, and other stuff, in addition to 5-6 seats, and tow our gear behind in a box trailer. As I understand it, I'd be required to have a class C for anything over a 16-passenger van, which would include the bus pre-mod. But after we modify it, it'll be set up to seat less than ten, and will essentially have the same wheelbase as a large pickup truck. So, would I still be required to have the CDL license?

I'm in Arkansas, if that helps. I don't know where to go to look this up.
Arkansas' DOT site is a joke...
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