I have a fender hot rod deluxe with extension cab and i think its great!!! But i need to know if there are any dangers of putting effects and distortion pedals into it as i really dont fancy breaking it!!!!

Will this be a problem as i know fenders a generally used for there clean sounds but i love using it for heavy sounds aswell personally!!!

Many thanks
I'd imagine it'd take pedals really well. You certainly won't hurt the amp.
It can take pedals, just be aware, the overdrive is **** if you want to do any type of hard rock or metal. My cousins sounds bad when he puts his od on his, but maybe its the way he eqs it.
If he/she is using a pedal then they're probably better off using the clean channel.
i've been using pedals with my HRD for a long time now, no problems.

i always use the clean channel either with or without a pedal.
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its not the best amp for any overdrive but the suttle type, but sure you can throw all the pedals at it you'd like it wont hurt it. I suggest you try the ocd, the ts808 and the cheap ibanez tone lok ts7; the latter might seem obscene to use on a quality amp, but I do it myself sometimes and truthfully it is an all out great pedal, in that it has a slightly different tone than the original tubescreamer, but sings very beatifully. Oh and remember to turn that amp up, you wont get nice overdrice on subtle volumelevels.


Go to this site and listen to different pedals through a blues junior amp. It should sound very similar on your hrd.
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Hey thanks alot for the replies!!!

Yeh i dont like there internal overdrive that much and have my pedal already was just concerned i may break it! I've managed to get a HUGE sound out of it which i couldnt get with other amps id tried and am very happy with it but as i said was just worried id break it or somethin :P

Many thanks for your help!!!

yeah, the internal drive channel (and "more drive" for that matter) aren't my cup of tea...they don't sound bad - just not what i'm after. on my Hot Rod Deluxe I use the clean channel and run an unmodded TS9 in front of it though I am considering the OCD...sounded pretty nice the last time I tried one out.

Yeh I use A Zoom G9.2tt...It started out crap but once u get messing around with it its actually fantastic!
how? I always make sure that the bypass volume is the same level as the pedal volume so the pedal isnt over driving the amps volume! Do u think it would be better to get boss pedals instead?

Many thanks