fuzzy and delightful. i really enjoy them, even if i have trouble getting through the entire album.
exactly. the album is just too much to handle on its own, but when you break it up the songs are great.

i'm curious to see what they will do on their next album. the way i see it, the only way they can go is becoming more expansive.
I heard one song by these guys (I think it was Black Rice or something) a few months ago and liked it, so I'll pick up their LP once I get around to it.

Oh and misleading thread titles FTW.
I have a friend who is the cousin of the two brothers.
I had trouble finding their music online before, so thank you.
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I'd rather listen to my parents having sex than LCD Soundsystem.
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Where's the love for Women?

Has anyone heard the new album yet? Shit is fantastic.

Here's some tracks from it:


Locust Valley

Can't You See?

(I would also link to the song "China Steps", but it's not on youtube anymore for some reason.)

These guys are probably one of my favorite bands of the past decade, and have been for the past two years, even though they only have two albums out as of now.

Fantastic ****ing stuff.
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